Finish The Hunt.
No Excuses.

You're not the type to make excuses. You know the right way is the only way. That's also why you're thinking about processing your own game. But, what you might not know is that it's easier and more affordable than you think. Take extra pride in what you provide when you DIY. We'll show you how.

You Can Do This.

There's nothing like serving up a plate of sausages or burgers and knowing absolutely everything in that meat is something you wanted in the mix. Nothing but your game and your seasonings.

Now, go ahead and puff your chest out a little. When you bite into a piece of jerky you made yourself, or pass a piece to a friend, that's how you're going to feel. Whether or not you tell them how much you saved by doing it yourself is up to you.

DIY. Because What You Put on Your Table Matters.


When you do it yourself, you control which cuts go into sausage, burgers and jerky – and which don’t.You can also be sure that your deer is the only one in your grind.


There's nothing in here but meat and seasonings. No chemicals, preservatives, or other things you'd rather not serve your family and friends.

Bragging Rights

Your kill, your harvest. Take pride in knowing you can finish what you started. There's nothing like grilling sausages you made yourself.


Cajun. Spicy Italian. Kielbasa. You name it. Venison tastes better when it’s seasoned just the way you and your family like.


Pay someone to butcher and process multiple deer per year? The equipment can pay for itself and start putting money in your pocket in just one season.


From hand-crank to 3.5 hp, we've got the grinder for you.

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Everything from high-capacity to hand-cranked sausage stuffers.

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Make your own jerky, dried fruits, veggies, and herbs.

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Tasty Recipes & More

We'll Walk You Through It.

You Can Do This | Meet Greg and Mark
Processing your own game is easier than you think, and has lots of advantages. We've got what you need to get started.