No Excuses.

LEM's assortment of products make it easy to process your game, add seasoning blends, and create a finished product you'll be proud to put on the table for your friends and family. Take pride in what you provide.


"I Don't Know Where To Start."

LEM exists because we believe there's a better way to process your own game from the get-go. Soup-to-nuts and nose-to-tail, this is everything you need to make delicious burgers, sausages, and jerky.

HOW TO Start Processing Your Own Game

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Hunting season is just around the corner. There are two types of hunters - hunters who process their own meat and hunters who send it off to someone else.

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Excuse #5

"I've got a butcher"

The hunt's not over until the meat's processed and everyone sits down to eat.

using A Butcher Vs. At-Home Processing

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Anyone who lets someone else process their game needs to know they're missing out saving money, continuing the hunt, and missing all the downsides to letting someone else process your game.

do it yourself

Excuse #10

"It's Too Expensive."

An LEM grinder is more than a tool, it's an investment in your family's future. That's why an LEM grinder is worth every penny you spend on it, whatever price point fits your needs.


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If you're one of those hunters who knows the right way is the only way, good for you. That's probably why you're thinking about processing your own game.

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Excuse #16

"I Don't Have The Time or Space To Do this."

You don't need a barn out back or the biggest Big Bite to grind your own game. With all of our products to choose from, you decide how simple your processing setup should be.

"I Don't Have The Time or Space To Do this."

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There's nothing like serving up a plate of sausages or burgers and knowing absolutely everything in that meat is something you wanted in the mix.

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