MaxVac 500 Vacuum Sealer
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MaxVac 500 Vacuum Sealer

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5 Hours of Continuous Use
2-Year Warranty
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The LEM MaxVac® 500 Vacuum Sealer is a high-quality, durable appliance that works well for those who don't need the industrial output of a larger machine.

Powerful and Easy-to-Use: The powerful pump and 14" x 1/4" seal bar will extract the air, seal it tight and extend the freshness and freezer life of your favorite foods.

One Handed Locking Lid: With the 1-handed locking mechanism, the other hand is free to hold the bag making it easy for you to lock in freshness and flavor with the flick of a switch.

Durable Construction: Aluminum construction means this unit is built to last and will blend in well with other kitchen appliances.

5 Hours of Continuous Use: A built-in continuous run cooling fan on the LEM MaxVac® 500 allows for 5 consecutive hours of use and can do 450+ seals without stopping or cooling down.

Customizable Bag Size: Includes a roll material holder and cutter to customize your bag size. Includes 8" x 25' roll of bag material. Material holder and cutter can be removed for standalone use. will be visible when delivered.
  • Unprecedented 2 year warranty
  • Aluminum housing with one-hand locking lid
  • Rated for 5 hours and 450 consecutive seals
  • Circuit breaker for unit protection
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Bag material holder and cutter
  • Auto mode vacuums and seals
  • Accessory port for storage containers
  • Detachable 6' power cord
  • Extra large spill trough
  • 1/4" heat strip accommodates 14" wide bags
  • Includes bag material holder/cutter and one 8" x 25' roll of vacuum bag material
  • ETL-certified
  • View 1253 Product Manual
  • View MaxVac User & Troubleshooting Guide
How to Use and Attach:
  • Insert 2 baffles into the base of the holder, fitting to roll size.
  • With material coming off the bottom of the roll, feed material under the fixed rod and cutting bar.
  • Attached the MaxVac Roll Holder & Cutter to your MaxVac Vacuum Sealer
MaxVac Vacuum Sealer, the workhorse of sealers:

MaxVac Sealer Part 2:

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Jerry Westfall
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MaxVac 500
Purchased based on reviews etc, very disappointed. I shot a deer this November 2018 season, temps were very cold, let the deer hang a week. On Thanksgiving morning temps expected to be higher - was time to cut up and package my deer. In my research I noticed it was recommended to use the "sponges" to place in bags for sealing juicy meat. It was also recommended to pre-freeze my deer cuts, I did all the above. When it came time to seal the meat in bags - the LEM MAXVAC 500 DID NOT WORK!!! It would not vacuum the air out of the bags! I'm starting to panick, I frantically re-read the directions (btw they suck), I did everything correctly. I tried to seal and reseal bag after bag - I knew I had to be doing something wrong. Called my wife in - had her try it no luck! Its Thanksgiving they are not open for a call....I search the internet for video's all I could find was a video on the 1000, it did not show me anything different than what I was doing. I used 3/4 (75%) of the plastic bags roll that came with it determined to get it to no avail. My deer meat had to be quickly thrown in zip lock bags and put in the freezer to preserve, I'm not a happy camper! I called the next day Friday - was quickly put through to customer service - spoke with an American I could understand - that was good. I explained everything to the Customer service rep - he asked if I had the sealer in front of me - I did. He said put something in a bag and push down fairly hard on the lid - I did that and it sucked the air out and sealed right up! He said I had a defective foam sealer, it apparently was too thick, and would not seal properly....It was literally a 5 cent part (if that). He said they should have caught that on their end (YA THINK!!), but he would send me one right out. Great quality control LEM! You let a nickel part ruin my deer meat! I must say the customer service was helpful and courteous...oh yeah and they sent a new box of quart bags since I went through all the other ones. Thanks - I guess.
Charles Penhorwood
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Maxvac 500 Vacuum sealer
I have only used this vacuum sealer 5 times to try it out. First It seems like I have to push down on the middle of the lid to make it suck out all the air and then let it seal on its own. Took me three times to see that I was going to have to do this, but it does a better job of getting the air out and sealing than my food saver. Sealed 5 packages in a row, did a nice job. The seal bar is 14 inches long, so maybe this is why I need to push down on the lid to (help) it suck faster/better. My food saver was the same way so..but only lasted 3 seals till I had to wait for it to cool.
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Really great product
I use to own a food saver and every other year I would have to purchase a new one because it would don't seal the bags up properly. We seal a lot of food from pigs, deer, beef, rabbits, etc. I purchase your food sealer and I will not go back to any other brand. It seal great and I have not had one bag that didn't seal. Our bags work great too.
Don Zwart
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Max Vac 500
I think the Max Vac 500 is awesome. Just made up 25lbs of brats and was very happy I purchased this Vacuum sealer. I couldn't go fast enough to make it not work. Which is what I was looking for when I purchase it. Only down side is it is big! And really don't want it just setting on the counter taking up space like the old Food Saver it stored folded up. But it worked very well for me. Very pleased.
Robert Goodnough
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Works Great
This unit replaced my foodsaver , love that it works with other brand name bags,
Kay Davis
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Vaccum sealer
Love my new vaccum sealer. It worked great. I vaccumed Thanksgiving leftovers. Some were moist but sealed great. I recommend this vaccum sealer!!
Kay Davis
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New vaccum sealer
I got this a week ago. I didnt have any meat to vaccum. I used a non lem bag. I vaccumed a water bottle. It did a great job. Im hoping to get a deer. It will be used allot, wild game and non wild game. Also like the holder thats included for a roll of bags and a cutter to cut your bags. It attaches to the back of the machine. Its large. I love it

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