Meat Mixers

Meat Mixers

  • MightyBite® Manual Meat Mixer - 20 lb. Capacity
    Mix homemade sausage in just minutes!
  • BigBite® Fixed Position Meat Mixers
    Mix More Meat With Less Effort!
  • BigBite® Tilt Meat Mixers
    Three tilt positions let you fill and unload more meat even faster

Meat Mixers

Evenly mix all your favorite seasonings into your meat with minimal effort. Rely on meat mixers from LEM Products to get the job done quickly and efficiently. When you process your own game or other meat, you deserve to have a high-quality meat mixer in your collection of equipment. Discover all of the options available to you from LEM and find the right fit for your processing needs.

Make Your Life Easier with Efficient Meat Mixers

Mixing meat by hand takes a lot of time and energy. Plus, it raises the temperature of the meat. While we appreciate certain old-fashioned traditions, we also recognize when there is a better way that can give you a more desirable result. When it comes to mixing meat, you deserve a mixer that is up to the task. Turn to LEM Products. Available in both manual and automatic options, all LEM mixers include a top cover and a handle. They also feature a stainless-steel tub and removable paddles that make clean up a cinch.

Our Big Bite Meat Mixers will even connect with your LEM Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder so you can let the motor do all the work! With available 20 lb., 25 lb., and 50 lb., mixers, you can make sure you can mix up the quantities of meat that you need to efficiently.

Meat Processing Has Never Been More Fun

Get the best-tasting sausage in town. When mixed properly your final result is more flavorful and features a more pleasing texture. Discover the difference for yourself! LEM Products makes it so the steps involved in processing meat are not only straightforward and effective, but enjoyable too. You can find all the equipment you need from saws to tenderizers, and mixers to grinders. All of our products are durable and built to last. They also come with a minimum one-year warranty for your peace of mind.