Meat Lugs

Meat Lugs

Meat Lugs

Processed meat needs a place to be in between each stage, whether you are sawing, grinding, or mixing. Rely on the sturdy meat lugs from LEM Products. We offer a variety of meat lug options so you can choose the right one for your processing needs. Explore our selection and discover the difference they will make for you!

Contain Your Processed Meat with Meat Lugs

LEM Meat Lugs are essential for meat processing and harvesting. The uses are limitless. You can use them for:

  • Containing meat trimmings
  • Filling with cuts as you butcher
  • Mixing sausage
  • Mixing seasonings
  • Collecting fruits and veggies during harvest

Our Heavy-Duty Meat Lug is extra sturdy. It won't crack, split, or warp even when you store it in the freezer. When you are ready to thaw your meat, make use of our Drain Meat Lugs. These ensure your meat and other food products are kept out of liquid during the thawing or cleaning process. They have small holes in the bottom designed to drain efficiently.

Meat Lug Liners

Make cleanup a breeze with lug liners. After a long day of grinding meat, cleaning the meat residue from your lugs is the last thing you want to think about. Thankfully we can alleviate some of the weight of cleanup with our pre-sized meat lug liners. Before you start the process of grinding or whatever you may be using your meat lug for, unfold the liner and place it around the lug. Then just proceed as usual. Afterward, you can remove the bag and toss it away. Simple. Effective. Clean.

Meat Lug Lids & Covers

Conveniently cover, store, and stack your meat lugs. The Reinforced Meat Lug Cover will fit the Economy, General Duty, Heavy Duty, and Drain Meat lugs. When you want added security, the LEM Meat Lug Snap-On Lid is the one for you. Made from dishwasher and freezer safe plastic, it snaps on for easy transport, storage, and stacking. This also fits all sizes except for the Mini Meat Lug. Shop for meat lug lids and covers to complete your set!