Hot & Spicy, Sweet & Salty... Make Jerky The Way YOU Like It!

Jerky Making, Deliciously Simple!

Jerky and Snack Sticks are the most popular meat snacks on the market today. Millions of pounds of jerky are purchased in retail outlets each year by eager customers looking for a quick, delicious snack. The average cost of a pound of jerky sold commercially is $24 - $36 a pound. Now, with just a little effort and very little time, you can make delicious jerky right in your oven or dehydrator at home.

We make jerky the easiest way: with the LEM Jerky Cannon or Jerky Gun. You can also cut (with the grain!) and marinate the meat, placing the cut meat on an LEM Rack & Pan. Just follow the directions on your Backwoods Jerky Seasoning and you'll be making jerky in no time!

Cook at low heat in your oven or in an LEM Dehydrator. Don't worry - the Cure (included with LEM Backwoods Seasonings) makes cooking at low temps safe while adding flavor and color.

Freeze homemade jerky after 2 weeks, as there are no chemicals or preservatives - which is why we always make our own!

See Facts About Jerky Making below!

How To Make Jerky With An LEM Jerky Cannon:

Some Facts About Jerky Making:

MEAT: The ground meat should be as lean as possible. The leaner the meat, the faster it will dry, with much less dripping and a lot less mess.

• The ground meat should be at least 80% lean, but ideally 90% - 95% lean. Ground round or sirloin makes excellent meat for jerky. Have your butcher grind a lean, round roast or sirloin tip - or do it yourself with your Big Bite Grinder.

• Add no fat to your ground venison when you process it, as venison makes excellent jerky because it is naturally lean. Ground turkey, buffalo, and elk are other excellent choices.

• You can thaw ground meat that has already been frozen and use it for jerky. As long as the meat was fresh when it was frozen, there will be no problem.

SEASONING: Backwoods™ Seasonings have been specially formulated to use with ground meat.

• Each package of Backwoods™ Jerky Seasoning will season 5 lbs. or 25 lbs. of ground meat. You will notice how well the meat stays together for uniform strips.

CURE: Whenever you make jerky or snack sticks, you should use Cure. The Cure should be used to prevent Botulism, which can easily be produced when drying meat at low temperatures.

Cure should be used at a rate not to exceed 1/4 level teaspoon per pound of meat. No more.