Meat Saws

Meat Saws

  • Meat Hand Saws
    Process your Meat with Ease. Choose from 3 sizes!
  • Electric Tabletop Meat Saw
    Cut your processing time in half!
  • Bone Duster
    Eliminate the bitter taste from bone dust!
  • Replacement Meat Saw Blades
    Replacement blades for meat hand saws
  • Replacement Blade for Tabletop Meat Saw
    Replacement Blade for Tabletop Meat Saw (1561)

Meat Saws

Process game and other meat efficiently with meat saws from LEM Products. We carry a range of meat processing equipment to make your life easier. From ergonomic hand saws to commercial-quality electric meat saws, LEM Products has what you need for both home and commercial use. Explore our collection and discover the difference the right meat saw can make for you.

Professional Quality Meat Saws For Every Processor's Needs

Cut through even the strongest bones and toughest game meat. Our saw blades are designed specifically for high-speed friction to help you make quick clean cuts through bone and meat with ease. Your needs may not be the same as the next person's. You may prefer a hand saw, electric model, or both. Either way, we make these options available and carry the replacement blades you need as well. You can also avoid the bitter taste of bone dust with our efficient bone duster. Even better, all of the products from LEM come with a minimum one-year warranty.

Meat Hand Saws

The hand saws available through LEM do all the hard work for you. Simply guide these through to seamlessly sever bones, break down large game, and create the cuts of meat you desire. The heavy nickel-plated frame and large blade tightening lever on our hand saws make changing the blade out a very simple process. They come in three different sizes to align with your processing needs. Choose from the following sizes or keep all three on hand:

  • 16"
  • 22"
  • 25"

Electric Meat Saw

Cut your processing time in half with the LEM electric meat saw. This tabletop saw features a 16mm stainless steel blade that makes efficient and precise cuts through bone and meat. Plus, it allows you to cut pieces of meat up to 8.5" tall. Whether for home or commercial use, you will enjoy the best quality cuts that you can take pride in processing.