LEM MaxVac Vacuum Sealers

Keep Food Sealed and Preserved For up to Two Years

LEM offers the best vacuum sealers at great prices that will prevent freezer burn and loss of flavor. Extend the freshness and freezer life of your favorite foods with our powerful, easy to use, commercial grade vacuum sealer. Removes air and automatically seals for an amazing storage solution. Protect your meat, fish, vegetables or fruit to avoid freezer burn and seal in the nutrients, all while lowering your grocery bill. Our vacuum bags matched with our Vacuum Sealers are designed to achieve the professional results hunters and master chefs demand.

View MaxVac In Action... It's Built Like a Tank, Not a Toy!

How MaxVac Vacuum Sealers Are Engineered For Professional Results

8 Reasons to Make MaxVac Your Choice for Sealing the Deal:

1. Manual Vacuum Function for ultimate control over vacuum pressure. Now you can extend or shorten vacuum cycle to fit the job.
2. Weighted Lid engages vacuum "hands free" every cycle. Faster performance, less effort.
3. Simple: One touch operation and digital controls including manual or automatic vacuum or sealing modes. Custom seal bags to any length. Extend or shorten vacuum time. Accessory port for storage containers.
4. Durable: Rated for 10 hours of continuous use. 1000+ consecutive seals. Powerful 28HG Piston Pump.
5. Innovative: Sensor activates seal mode only when full vacuum is reached (auto mode only).
6. Bigger: The 14" horizontal by 1/4" vertical heat strip accommodates wide bags and ensures a strong seal every time.
7. Faster: Auto Lid Release and built-in fan accelerate cooling, reducing average cycle time.
8. Quality: Our unprecedented 5 year warranty let's you know we stands behind our products

MaxVac Vacuum Sealers