Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum Food Sealer

Extend the freshness and shelf life of your favorite foods with one of our powerful, easy-to-use, industrial-grade MaxVac Vacuum Sealers. Tired of throwing away your spoiled leftovers? With a vacuum food sealer from LEM, you don't have to put all of that food to waste. A lack of exposure to air allows for the vacuum seal to do its work in preventing the growth of mold and bacteria in your food, meaning it can stay fresh for longer. Our cost-effective vacuum sealers can do it all!

Protect your meat, game, fish, vegetables, or fruit from freezer burn and seal in the nutrients. If you're interested in meal prepping, a vacuum packaging machine is especially useful. This way, you can portion out your food for the ultimate grab-and-go meals without worrying about spoilage!

Marinating adds an amazing layer of flavor to your foods. As opposed to the plastic bag method, when you use a LEM vacuum food sealer, the flavors within your marinade can more deeply infuse into your meat. In turn, using a LEM vacuum food sealer reduces the time you will need to marinate your food.

If you like to get a lot of food at once to store for a later, you can always rely on our high-quality vacuum sealers. Never settle for less-than-average fruits and vegetables during their off-season. Always get them at their prime and then store them with our vacuum sealer. This way, you can have fresh fruit and vegetables year-round.

When using your vacuum food sealer, you can get a continuous seal without stopping or waiting for the machine to cool down. LEM vacuum food sealers make the sealing process as quick and easy as possible. Additionally, vacuum sealing your food makes for the ultimate storage solution.

Don't forget about the vacuum sealer's non-food-related uses. Our vacuum packing machine can seal your valuables to keep them safe and dry if you're traveling or going outside. All MaxVac Vacuum Sealers include vacuum sealer bags or a roll of customizable bag material and are compatible with most national brand vacuum bags as well as being ETL Certified.