Speak the Game of Meat Processing

Don't just get into the game of meat processing, you have to speak the game of meat processing. In this case, it's not enough to "walk the walk". Here you'll find all the butcher jargon and processing equipment knowledge you need to know and speak as a meat processor, even as a harvester or homesteader. As The Leader In Game Processing, we know meat processing. But if we missed a term, let us know by shooting us an email at info@lemproducts.com. What are you waiting for? Get your game on!

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Andouille Sausage
A smoked sausage made with pork, garlic and Cajun spices, so it is a bit spicy.
Apple/Potato Peeler
Peel, core and slice in one easy motion.
A spiral shaped tool that moves meat through a meat grinder.
LEM's Seasoning and Spices. Custom recipes crafted for game.
Bacon Hanger
Used for hanging pork bellies in a smoker to make bacon. May also be used to hang spare ribs, jerky, or even brisket.
Barbecue Smoker
Set on the grill. Adds authentic smoke flavor to whatever you're grillin!
Barrel Brush
A nylon bristle brush used to clean any jerky maker barrel.
Barrel Stomper
Helps pack meat firmly in your Jerky Cannon or Jerky Gun. Eliminates air pockets.
Bean Frencher
Feed fresh green beans into this kitchen tool for delicious, slender slices.
Berry Screen
An accessory for a food strainer. Strain seeds from strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc. to make jellies.
Big Bite
Big Bite Technology uses a special auger designed to grab more meat in a spin and grind 30 - 50% faster than other grinders.
A large smoked sausage made of mixed, finely ground meats.
Bone Duster
Removes the bone dust that can leave a bitter taste on your steaks and chops.
A type of food poisoning caused by meats that are not kept at proper and safe temperatures.
Typically an uncured sausage made from pork.
Breakfast Sausage
Fresh sausage, usually made from butchering scraps.
Butcher Steel
Round, chrome plated steel. Professional quality to keep a razor edge on all your knives.
Butcher's Apron
This is old school! Stay sharp when processing with a heavy weight, poly/cotton traditional butcher's apron. Protects your clothing while butchering.
Butt Out
A field dressing tool used to quickly remove the alimentary canal from wild game.
Cabbage Cutter
Delivers smooth cutting action. Slice whole heads of cabbage in minutes or make mountains of potato chips. Great for slicing hard fruits like apples or even watermelon.
Ceramic Knives
A better alternative to steel. Contains no metallic material so they won't discolor over time or spoil the taste of food.
Cherry Pitter
Effortlessly remove pits without bruising or crushing. No mess and no wasted fruit.
Chili Pepper Corer
Use to easily top and core your peppers.
A spicy Mexican or Spanish sausage.
Collagen Casings
Made of beef protein, can be edible or non-edible.
Collagen Rounds
Non-edible collagen casings made of beef protein which will make a ring shaped sausage.
Compost Keeper
A specially designed container to hold kitchen waste.
Corn Cutter/Creamer
Blade yields perfect whole kernels or use with shredder and scraper for creamed corn.
Cotton Twine
Use to tie casings or roasts before smoking.
Controls botulism as well as adds color and flavor to smoked or cooked sausage.
Cured Sausage
Sausage that has additives used for preservation, color development and flavor enhancement.
Cut-Resistant Glove
Avoid nicks and cuts with a cut-resistant glove. Not for use when using electric saws or other powered equipment.
Cutting Board
A true meat processor only uses high density polyethylene. Will not chip, crack or warp. Non porous. USDA and FDA approved.
Deer Camp
A camping ritual for hunters occurring during or around the opening day of hunting season.
An appliance that dries foods. Use to make jerky and lock in the flavor and nutrition of fruits and vegetables.
Diamond Sharpeners
Butcher steels that are oval nickel-plated and covered with microcrystalline industrial diamonds. Quickly brings dull knives back to razor sharpness.
Use with a meat smoker. Provides even distribution of smoke and heat.
Double Jerky Nozzle
Add to a Jerky Cannon and make twice as much jerky in the same amount of time.
Double Snack Stick Nozzle
Use with a Jerky Cannon to make 2 snack sticks or breakfast links at a time.
Dry Sausage
Cured sausage that is fermented and dried.
Drying Screen Material
For use in dehydrators. Use to dry smaller fruits and vegetables.
Encapsulated Citric Acid
Speeds drying time and adds flavor. Use to make dry, shelf stable sausage.
Electrical Testing Labs. A certification mark that is on products that have been thoroughly tested and found to be in compliance with accepted national standards.
FDA Approved
Every aspect or component of the product has been scientifically proven to be valid, safe and effective by the US Food and Drug Administration.
Fibrous Casings
Made of plant cellulose, with both edible and non-edible versions.
Food Grade Silicone Spray
USDA approved and complies with FDA regulations. Use silicone spray to lubricate without build-up, protecting all the metal parts on your grinders, stuffers, saws, knives, etc.
Food Mill
Use for mashing and sieving soft foods.
Food Safe Lubricant
NSF approved lubricant for motorized equipment. Approved for use where direct contact of food is likely.
Food Strainer
Separates seeds and peelings from meat and juice of fruits and vegetables. Use to make sauces, pie fillings, ketchup, and more.
Foot Switch
An attachment for your grinder, mixer, tenderizer, or any electric motor meat processing tool. Allows you to control the tool with a tap of your foot.
Also called hotdogs. A cooked sausage made of mixed, extremely fine ground meats - almost an emulsion in the grind.
Freezer Burn
Occurs when pale, dry spots appear on frozen food because the moisture in the frozen food has evaporated.
Freezer Paper
Poly-coated. Use for maximum protection against freezer burn. 1100 ft. roll should wrap 15-20 deer. 450 ft. roll should wrap 7-9 deer.
Freezer Sheets
USDA approved. Prevent patties from sticking together when frozen.
Freezer Tape
Acrylic adhesive holds tight in freezer temperatures.
French Fry Cutter
Use to easily cut potatoes into french fry slices.
Fresh Sausage
Sausage made form meat that has not been cured. Must be refrigerated and cooked thoroughly before eating.
Fruit and Wine Press
Use to press grapes or other fruit for wine, juice or cider.
Use to hang your catch in the field or at home to begin processing.
Grape Spiral
An accessory for a food strainer. Use with grapes to produce juices, wines, and jellies.
Grillin' Rub
Specially combined spices to draw out the flavors of the meat. Rub on meat, let meat rest at a cooled temp, then cook as normal.
A game processing essential. In fact, it all starts here. A grinder grinds your meat.
Grinder Attachment
A tool that attaches to a grinder, such as a meat mixer, tenderizer, or patty maker.
Grinder Knife
A star shaped tool used in a grinder that, when matched with a Grinder Plate, will cut the meat.
Grinder Plate
A plate with holes in various diameters that, when matched with a Grinder Knife, will cut meat to different consistencies.
Grinder Plate - Coarse
A grinder plate with larger holes for a larger grind.
Grinder Plate - Fine
A grinder plate with smaller holes for a smaller grind.
Grinder Stuffing Tube - Plastic
A tube made of plastic that attaches to a grinder for easy stuffing of bags or sausage casings. Unlike aluminum stuffing tubes, plastic tubes will not pit when used around salt.
Grinder Stuffing Tube - Stainless Steel
A tube made of stainless steel that attaches to a grinder for easy stuffing of bags or sausage casings.
Ground Meat
Meat that has been through a grinder and chopped to a smaller consistency.
Hand Grinder
Old fashioned grinders that normally attach to the edge of a table or can be bolted down. You must manually grind using a hand crank.
High-Temperature Cheese
Cheese specially formulated to retain its shape and flavor up to 400°.
Hog Ring Pliers
Used to secure hog rings when closing meat bags.
Hog Rings
A u-shaped metal ring used in butchering to close meat bags and non-edible sausage casings.
Hot Dog
Also called franks. A cooked sausage made of mixed, extremely fine ground meats - almost an emulsion in the grind.
Hot Dog Casings
24mm - 26mm casing which can be plastic, collagen edible or natural sheep casings.
Italian Sausage
A fresh sausage, usually made of pork, with fennel and Italian seasoning.
A preserved cured meat that has been dried.
Jerky Cannon
A tool that makes jerky, sausage, or even snack sticks. The large barrel allows you to make even strips in a short period of time. Nothing else compares to this Jerky essential!
Jerky Gun
A smaller version of the Jerky Cannon, a tool used to make jerky, sausage, or snack sticks.
Jerky Hanger
Use in your oven, smoker or dehydrator to hang muscle meat jerky to dry and catch drippings.
Jerky Knife and Board
Used to cut consistently sized thin jerky strips.
Jerky Rack and Pan
Used in your oven, smoker or dehydrator to dry jerky and catch drippings.
Jerky Slicer
A motorized meat processing tool used to create many even strips of muscle meat jerky.
A cooked, smoked polish sausage.
Knife Sharpener
An essential tool for a butcher to keep knives razor sharp.
Knit Gloves
High quality poly/cotton blend, reversible, and washable.
LEM Field Dresser
This knife will not puncture internal organs with its razor sharp gut hook and rounded tip.
LEM Skinner
Designed by a Hunter, for Hunters! This field knife was designed to feel like part of your hand by focusing on comfort, balance, curve of the blade and ease of use.
Lid Sterilizer
A tool used to sterilize canning lids without using a magnet wand. No more burnt hands!
Liquid Smoke
A liquid that provides a highly concentrated smoke flavor.
Manual Stuffer
Old school stuffer. Horn shaped tool that uses muscle power to fill sausage casings.
Deliver savory satisfaction! Inject marinades into your turkeys or roasts, or soak meat in marinade before cooking.
LEM's own top-quality Vacuum Sealer. A must have for the serious meat processor.
Meat Bag
Quality opaque, polyethylene bags to store ground meat.
Meat Injector
Use to pump cure into meat or marinade into roasts or steaks. Great for injecting turkeys for frying.
Meat Lug
A high-density plastic container used to hold or mix meat.
Meat Mixer
A processing must-have to make quick work of mixing ground meat with seasoning and water.
Meat Pan
A pan attached to the top of a grinder used to hold the meat before grinding.
Meat Saw
A butchering tool to make clean cuts through bone and meat.
Meat Slicer
Another essential tool for the home processor. Use to slice fruits, vegetables, cheese and deli-thin meat.
Meat Smoker
An essential for smoked sausage! An appliance used to cook at low temperatures for longer periods of time while producing smoke.
Meat Stomper
An enclosed tube used to push meat into a grinder. It keeps your hands and fingers away from your grinder's moving parts.
Motor Housing
The encasement in which your motor lives.
Natural Beef Rounds Casings
Made from cow intestine. Will form a ring shaped sausage when filled.
Natural Hog Casings
Made from hog intestine. They will provide a "pop" when bitten into. Used for Italian, brats, and other 32mm - 34mm sausages.
Natural Sheep Casings
Made from sheep intestine. They will provide a "pop" when bitten into. Used for breakfast link, snack sticks and other 21mm - 22mm sausages.
NSF Approved
The product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today - the National Science Foundation.
Old Fashion Collagen Middles Casings
Non-edible collagen casings made of beef protein.
Outer Diameter
The diameter measurement taken by measuring the outside edge of stuffing tubes.
Paper Cutter
All steel, use on countertop or mount under counter or on a wall. Use to easily cut your freezer paper.
Patty or Burger Patty
Ground meat formed in the shape of a flat circle.
A hard, dry, spicy sausage.
Pig Tail Flipper
An ingeniously designed snare used to lightly pierce any solid food. A must-have for a Grill Master!
Pineapple Slicer
Peel, core and slice fresh pineapple.
Polish Sausage
A type of smoked sausage usually seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and herbs.
Poly Ham Net
Used for hanging hams, shoulders and turkeys when smoking.
Pressure Cooker/Canner
Used to safely can or preserve foods, making them shelf stable.
Processing Table
For anyone serious about meat processing. Set up your own butcher or processing shop with commercial grade processing tables.
A large, highly seasoned, and thick cured sausage.
Salsa Screen
An accessory for a food strainer used to make salsa.
Sausage Stuffer
An essential in homemade sausage making! An appliance that speeds up the stuffing process. Use to easily fill your sausage casings.
Sausage Stuffing Nozzle
Any tube that can be attached to a stuffer or grinder that will allow sausage casings to be filled.
Wood dust (hickory or maple) that is burned in a smokehouse to add smoke flavor to meat or sausage.
Another meat processing essential. Use for accurate weight measurements of your products.
Smoke Lined Casings
Plastic casings that have a smoked flavor lining.
Smoke Flavored Sausage
Sausage that is smoked in a meat smoker.
Snack Stick
Ground meat used in a small, round casing, prepared like jerky. Typically 17mm, 19mm or 21 mm in diameter.
Snack Stick Nozzle
Any tube that has a small outer diameter that will attach to a stuffer or grinder, and will allow small diameter casings to be filled.
Soy Protein Concentrate
A sausage enhancer made from soy. Helps retain moisture in meat and prevent shrinkage. Use in cooked or smoked sausages. Gives your finished sausage a smooth, moist consistency.
Spring Loaded Pliers
A hand tool used to easily secure hog rings around casings or meat bags.
Use steam to extract nature's own juices from your favorite fruit.
50/50 poly/cotton blend. Differs from a Poly Ham Net with its tight weave to hold juices in meat. Used for hanging ham, shoulders or turkeys when smoking.
Straining Ladle
A ladle that lets you strain while you scoop.
Stuffing Plate
A plate used in the grinder with a stuffing tube, usually without the grinder knife. Its purpose is to keep the auger center when stuffing sausages from your grinder.
Summer Sausage
A cured sausage that is typically a mix of pork and other meat. It can be smoked and is sometimes dried.
Tape Dispenser
Heavy duty, heavy weight, rubber bottom is skid proof, so you can keep one hand on the package and tear tape with the other.
A meat processing tool that makes meat more tender.
A device used to monitor food and oven temperatures.
Tilt Meat Mixer
A meat mixer that will attach to any LEM Big Bite Grinder. Use to mix meat with seasonings and water. It's tiltable for easy dumping of the meat mix.
A natural sugar that is used to enhance the flavor and appearance of sausage. Takes the wild out of the game.
UL Approved
Underwriters Laboratories is a testing lab for all electrical devices in the United States. UL approved is their guarantee that a tested and passed device is safe to use.
Vacuum Sealer
A necessary piece of equipment used to prevent freezer burn and to extend the life of frozen foods by sealing food into air-tight, sealed bags.
Vacuum Sealer Bags
Bags specially designed to hold food and to be sealed air-tight by a vacuum sealer.
Vertical Stuffer
A vertical stuffer uses gears and time tested quality for unsurpassed stuffing performance.
Vinyl Apron
Heavy duty vinyl - durable and waterproof. Protects your clothing while butchering.
Walnut Cracker
Crack black walnuts with ease with the powerful gear lever action without hammers or sore hands.
Wood Chips
Small pieces of wood, typically hickory or maple, that are burned in a smokehouse to add flavor to meat.

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