Meat Prep

Having the right tools for the job is important for all facets of life, and no less so than when processing wild game. So you've got the meat and you've got the grinder, you're ready to process your game. But without the proper preparation equipment, you'll be stuck. We have everything you need to help get you processing: meat tenderizers, meat mixers, knives, gloves, cutting boards, and even food scales and thermometers.

Whether you're processing your own deer or slicing fresh deli meat, cut your work in half with Meat Slicers from LEM Products. Our commercial-grade meat slicers feature high-quality stainless steel blades and powerful motors that can easily cut through any meat and cheese. Make the most of your home processed meats with a LEM Meat Slicer.

Less expensive cuts of meat are oftentimes very tough while more expensive meats are more tender. This dilemma is easily fixable with a meat tenderizer. Tougher meat is due to the animal's strong muscle tissue. Breaking up these muscles is easy with a tenderizer and will help the cook, cut, and chew of the meat become softer and juicier. By using LEM's bladed meat tenderizer attachment, you will achieve an even juicier piece of meat. The blades are able to poke through the meat, creating holes for the natural juices and your favorite marinade to absorb easily into the meat.

Nobody does meat processing like LEM, so stock your home butcher shop with quality, proven cutting tools, meat tenderizers, meat mixers, and supplies. From essential equipment to the big dog tools to simplify and automate your process, LEM Products has it all; we only offer the tools you need to meat process like a professional. You can't go wrong with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and standard 1 Year Product Warranty.