LEM Products Videos

Learn all about our Big Bite Grinders, Sausage Stuffers, Vacuum Sealers, and more. See how they work, how to maintain it, and ways you can become a better LEM processor.

Meat Grinding

Meat Preparation for the Big Bite Grinder

What Makes the Big Bite Grinder Unique

The Big Bite Grinder in Action

Stuffing Sausage with your Big Bite Grinder

Big Bite Grinder Accessories

LEM Big Bite Grinder Proper Assembly

Tips for Grinding & Cleaning your grinder

Sausage Making

Learn about Backwoods Seasoning

Understanding different casings and their uses

How to Use LEM Sausage Stuffers Part 1

How to Use LEM Sausage Stuffers Part 2

How to Use LEM Sausage Stuffers Part 3

Jerky Making

Make Jerky with LEM Dehydrators and Jerky Cannon

Learn about the Big Bite Digital Dehydrator

Vacuum Sealing

Learn about our MaxVac Vacuum Sealers

See the MaxVac Vacuum Sealer in Action