Rubber Pad/Gasket #5- Curved (Post Sept 2011) (777A, 777)
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Rubber Pad/Gasket #5- Curved (Post Sept 2011) (777A, 777)

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Replacement part for 777A, 777
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90 Day Warranty
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This rubber pad gasket creates a seal between the two halves of the gearbox for our #5 BigBite® grinders made between 2011 and 2017. The gasket is in the shape of a rectangle with the top short side being oblong. If you have a #5 Grinder made before 2011 the gasket will have sides that are all straight (no oblong side). We do not carry this gasket anymore and suggest getting enclosed gearbox gasket material from an auto parts store to fashion your own gasket. We recommend buying one of these any time you open the gearbox as they tend to tear apart the older they are. If your grinder has a storage drawer beneath the grinder head (press the venting grate to see if the drawer springs out) then you have a later model grinder that doesn't use this pad gasket design. Check the information sticker on the grinder to confirm you have the correct model number. If you are unsure of your grinder's model number please call our service team at 877-536-7763.

  • Length 5.13"
  • Width 5.38"
  • Thickness: 0.08"
  • Material: Chrysotile rubber

  • View 777, 779, 780 Product Manual