Phillips Head Screw for Mixers (868, 869, 733a, 734a, 733, 734)
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Phillips Head Screw for Mixers (868, 869, 733a, 734a, 733, 734)

SKU: 02034001
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Part for model #868, 869, 733a, 734a, 733, 734
90 Day Warranty
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This is the Phillips Head Screw that holds the gearbox cover to the unit. There are four on each unit (items sold separately). This is for all previous generations of our BigBite® Mixers (733, 734, 733a, 734a, 868, 869). If your mixer tub is three pieces, two sides, and a middle, welded together you have an older mixer. Our newer mixers' tubs are a single stamped piece of metal to eliminate seams. If you are unsure which mixer generation you have please call 877-536-7763 and speak with our parts department.
  • Screw Type: M5
  • Dimensions: 0.8 x 12
  • Material: SS304
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