# 32 BigBite® Grinder Head - 2006 Only
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# 32 BigBite® Grinder Head - 2006 Only

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Part for Model # 782 Grinder.
90 Day Warranty
 Not Eligible for Discounts
Fits all # 32 BigBite® Grinder Models made in 2006. If your BigBite® Grinder was made in 2007 or later, you will need to order # 01001029.

Is this the correct part for you? There are 2 versions - one made in 2006 and one from 2007+.

This # 32 Stainless Steel BigBite® Grinder Head houses the BigBite® Auger and attaches to the unit's Motor Housing.

This part is for LEM BigBite® Grinder model # 782. Check the date code on the sticker on the motor housing. This sticker is usually located on the back or bottom of the motor case. If the date code begins with 10, you have a BigBite® Grinder. If your date code begins with anything else or your unit does not have a date code, please contact us directly at 877.336.5895 to inquire about the correct parts for you.

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  • Stainless steel
  • Industry standard # 32 Head Size
  • Accepts Big Bite Auger # 01002040
  • Old Part #: 782-12B