"The Land Rover of meat grinders!" "I want one. I want one bad." Quotes from the "Grind Your Own" expert tested article in the Men's Journal. Click Here for complete article and testing results.
-- Michael Chernow, Meatball Shop, New York City

"The quality of your products are second to none. I have your stuffer, scale, and grinder and I love using all of them. Not only do they work great but clean up is incredibly easy with them. I will continue to buy LEM products and highly recommend them to anyone that does their own processing."
-- Tom from West Fargo, North Dakota

"You are the best company out there that I have dealt with, thanks for the business that you are doing!!"
-- Ralph from Columbia, Missouri

-- Homer from Fairdale, Kentucky

"I tried many other sausage kits. My wife tossed the meat. I tried yours and my wife has one thing to say "Make More!" Yours is the best."
-- Donald from Roscoe, Illinois

"One of the best things about your seasoning is your smaller size packages. Most places sell packages for 50lbs and that is just to much to make if you are just getting started or wanting to try a new flavor. In fact I'm making up 4 lbs of beef sticks and 10 lbs of Summer Sausage tomorrow. I made 14 lbs two weeks ago and unfortunately I gave most away giving friends a taste."

"I purchased one of your jerky cannons with the double nozzles and have made 20 to 30 lbs of beef sticks or jerky with it. The cannon is really great to use especially with the meat stomper and extra barrels. Most of the time from start to finish I can crank out 5 lbs of jerky or snacks sticks and smoke them in under three hours."
-- Mark from Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Thank you for your great service. I will pass the word to family and friends that you stand behind your products."
-- Dave from Reedsburg, Wisconsin

"The #8 grinder works great. Wish I had ordered your product years ago!"
-- Peggy from Commerce, Georgia