Tape Dispenser With Tape
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Tape Dispenser With Tape

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A dependable butcher's tape dispenser for quick and easy sealing.
1 Year Warranty
The tape dispenser accepts tape up to 1" wide with 1" or 3" core. Heavy duty, heavy weight, rubber bottom doesn't slide. Tape dispenser includes 1 roll of 3/4" freezer tape.

We will ship this item complete. If one part of the kit is backordered, LEM will ship the kit when all items are available.

Practice Proper Freezer Wrapping
  • Accepts tape up to 1" wide
  • Accommodates 1" to 3" core
  • Slide-proof rubber bottom
  • Includes 1 roll of 3/4" freezer tape
  • Replacement tape is Item # 033
  • Practice Proper Freezer Wrapping

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Paul Harvey
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bass pro shop customer
You advertise on your product report that your tape dispenser has a roll of " freezer tape" included with the dispenser. I purchased this item today at Bass Pro Shop in Hampton, Va. today(12/16/16) and it includes a roll of value masking tape and not actual freezer tape. Special freezer has a different adhesive and is more expensive than masking tape. In a freezer with a moisture content, masking tape does not adhere to freezer paper. The data on the box states that the item includes " 1 roll of high quality freezer tape." This is not true and is very misleading.
Owner Response: Our freezer tape will hold to -40 degrees and up to 150 degrees if it is put on in normal conditions. In dry ice, it will hold down to -40 degrees.
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Works Wonderfully
I've been cutting freezer tape for years and years with a scissors. I'll cut enough strips to wrap 4 or 5 packages,, then cut some more. I just finally decided that there is a much faster and better way and this tape dispenser is it! Nice and heavy with a non-slip bottom, so you can pull a section of tape with just one hand, while you hold the flap of what you are wrapping with the other. Very simple, but so handy. Comes with a "spool" for freezer tape with a 3" center and one for tape with a 1" center. I've only used the 3". If you do any volume of meat processing you will wonder how you ever got along without this!
Steve Schultz
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Well worth it
This things works very well. When processing food, you never have enough hands, and since this is weighted down you can operate it with one hand. Buy it and you won't be sorry.

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