Smoke Pistol & Cartridges
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Smoke Pistol & Cartridges

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Fully controllable smoke for your smoker!
1 Year Warranty
  • Smoke Pistol Mesquite Flavor Cartridge
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  • $9.99
  • Pecan Wood Flavor Cartridge
    SKU: 1053
  • $6.49
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  • Smoke Pistol Maple Flavor Cartridge
    SKU: 1054
  • $9.99
Use the SmokePistol™ smoke generator and get fully controllable smoke for over 4 hours on a single cartridge. Attach it to a refrigerator, cooler, or even a cardboard box and you have a cold smoker for making smoked meats, beef jerky, cold smoked salmon, Nova, Lox, bacon or sausage with ease.

Attach the SmokePistol™ to your existing smoker and you have a continuous source of smoke for over four hours without ever opening the door to add wood chips. Just think, no more baby sitting the smoker, no loss of heat from opening the door to add wood, and no more burnt messy wood chips in the bottom of your smoker.

The smoke output is fully adjustable so you get just the right amount of smoke and the real wood cartridges come in five flavors. The cartridges are neat and compact so you will always have the right flavor on hand regardless of what you are smoking and they cost less to use than wood chips.

Smoke Pistol does NOT come with any cartridges. Cartridges sold separately.

Cartridge packs come with three cartridges for one low price.

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  • Smoke Pistol does NOT come with any cartridges - cartridges sold separately
  • Cartridge packs contain 3 cartridges


After the SmokePistol™ is properly installed on your grill or smoker, familiarize yourself with the unit. The smoke output knob is located on the back plate of the unit. This knob should be set to high only when starting SmokePistol™ cartridges unless large amounts of smoke are desired. The smoke output does not change immediately with the adjustment of this valve. After adjusting, wait a few minutes for the smoke output to stabilize. Use just a trickle of smoke. Cartridges will last longer and excessive smoke can cause a bitter taste.


All smoke can cause eye, throat and lung irritation. Although flavored smoke smells good, DO NOT breath or stand over smoke. USE IN VENTILATED AREA.


The smoke output of the SmokePistol is regulated with an electronic control. This control should be set to HIGH when starting the SmokePistol™ and then turned toward LOW depending on desired smoke output. Remember that smoking food with too much smoke may make food bitter or otherwise overwhelmed by the smoke flavor. Using just a trickle of smoke will also make the cartridges last much longer.

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