Plastic Meat Lug Liners 25-Pack
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Plastic Meat Lug Liners 25-Pack

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Make clean-up a breeze with liners!
1 Year Warranty
Do you hate cleaning out all that meat residue from your meat lugs after a long day of grinding? Don't worry, LEM Meat Lug Liners are here to ease your burden. Simply unfold one of these pre-sized plastic bags into the base of your lug before the process starts, and then grind and mix as you normally would. Once you're done, just lift the entire bag out and discard. This pack includes 25 bags. Designed to fit inside LEM meat lugs only.
  • Includes 25 bags
  • Will fit all LEM meat lugs
  • Dispose after use
  • Each liner measures 22 3/4" x 20"
  • 1.5 mil thickness
  • FDA approved
  • BPA free