Drive Shaft for BigBite® Mixers (1733, 1734, 1868, 1869)
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Drive Shaft for BigBite® Mixers (1733, 1734, 1868, 1869)

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Part for Models #1868, 1869, 1733, 1734 Mixers.
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The Drive Shaft for our current generation BigBite® Mixers. This is the male splined drive gear that mates with the female drive gear of our BigBite® Grinders when they are connected.
  • Length: 3.1"
  • Diameter: 1.11"
  • 17 teeth"
  • Material: 1045 Carbon Steel
Caution: This part is for our current generation Stand and Tilt Mixers only. They are not backwards compatible with out older mixers (prior to 2018). If your mixer tub is three piece, two sides, and a middle, welded together you have an older mixer. Our newer mixers' tubs are a single stamped piece of metal to eliminate seams. If you are unsure which mixer generation you have please call 877-536-7763 and speak with our parts department.

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