Paper Cutter
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Paper Cutter

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Cut Butcher Paper Cleanly And Smoothly!
1 Year Warranty
  • 15" Paper Cutter
    SKU: 035A
  • $43.99
  • 18" Paper Cutter
    SKU: 035
  • $49.99
Our paper cutters feature an all-steel grey finish with an always sharp cut edge to keep you wrapping. Use on countertop, under counter, or on a wall. Paper cutter holds 1100 foot and 450 foot rolls. Does not include the Freeze Paper.

Practice Proper Freezer Wrapping
  • 15" & 18" paper cutter with straight cutting edge
  • Steel grey finish
  • Holds 1100 foot or 450 foot rolls
  • Can be wall-mounted or mounted under the counter
  • Mounting hardware not included
  • Freezer Paper not included
  • Practice Proper Freezer Wrapping