Oxygen Absorbers
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Oxygen Absorbers

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Protect your food long term
1 Year Warranty
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These oxygen absorbers will help protect your food for long-term storage. Simply drop a packet into the package before closing to preserve freshness, prevent mold and bacteria growth. and extend the shelf life of packaged foods. When you eliminate oxygen inside packaging, you will help keep the quality of contents and extend the shelf life of your food. Each packet will remove oxygen from 1-gallon mylar bags (approx 10" x 14"). Removes over 99.9% of oxygen from sealed, airtight packages.

Best if used within 2 years. These must be stored in an air-tight glass container; do not store in a plastic bag.
  • FDA Approved & Certified
  • Comes in vacuum packaged bag
  • "DO NOT EAT" is printed on the bag
  • 50 count - 5 vacuum sealed bags of 10 packets
  • 300 cc
  • 1 packet is 2" x 2 3/4", .57 oz. (16g) (50 x 70mm)
  • 1 packet is good for removing oxygen from 1 gallon bag
  • Made of: 70% iron, activated carbon (5%), diatomaceous earth (10%), Sodium Chloride (5%), water (10%)