MaxVac® Vacuum Bag Rolls
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MaxVac® Vacuum Bag Rolls

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Customize your bag size
1 Year Warranty
  • MaxVac® Vacuum Bag Roll 8" X 20 ft. - 2 Count
    SKU: 1389
  • $22.99
  • MaxVac® Vacuum Bag Roll 11" X 16 ft. - 2 Count
    SKU: 1390
  • $22.99
  • MaxVac® Vacuum Bag Roll 14" X 20 ft. - 2 Count
    SKU: 1391
  • $34.99
The LEM MavVac® Vacuum seal roll material is designed to achieve the professional results master chefs demand.

Ideal for Big Jobs: Our innovative parallel channel design prevents hidden air pockets while the sturdy 3.5 mil puncture resistant plastic makes these bags ideal for the big jobs.

Customizable and Reusable: Roll material allows you to customize bag size to perfectly fit the food you are sealing reducing bag waste and saving you money. Bags and bag roll material are reusable and include a space to label the date/contents.

Compatible: All bags and bag roll material are compatible with most major vacuum sealer brands.

Versatile: Great for Sous Vide cooking or keep your valuables dry. These bags are up to the task - and all at a price that makes sense!

For Optimal Results: Engineered to achieve optimal results with all LEM® MaxVac® heat seal bar vacuum sealers and most national brand sealers.
  • Available in three sizes: 8" x 20 feet (20.3 cm x 6.1 m), 11" x 16 feet (27.9 cm x 4.9 m), and 14" x 20 feet (35.6 cm x 6.1 m)
  • 2 Rolls per package
  • Exclusive parallel channel design prevents hidden air pockets
  • Sturdy 3.5 mil thick, puncture resistant 4 layer plastic
  • Reusable
  • Included: space to label the date/contents
  • Compatible with most vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers
  • Minimize waste by choosing your own bag length