MaxVac® Roll Holder & Cutter
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MaxVac® Roll Holder & Cutter

SKU: 1252
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Hold and cut bags with ease.
1 Year Warranty
With the MaxVac® Roll Holder and Cutter, you won't have to worry about organizing stacks of vacuum sealer bags anymore. With just a single roll of bag material, you get to choose the size of your bag, pull it and rip it. The MaxVac® Roll Holder and Cutter comes standard on our current MaxVac® 1000 and MaxVac® 500 vacuum sealers.
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Holds up to a 14" roll
  • Placement holders to keep roll in place
  • Razor edge that cuts both directions
  • Includes an 8" x 25' roll of bag material
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How to Use:
  • Insert 2 baffles into the base of the holder, fitting to roll size.
  • With material coming off the bottom of the roll, feed material under the fixed rod and cutting bar.