MaxVac® Pro+ Chamber Vacuum Sealer
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MaxVac® Pro+ Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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Designed to vacuum package liquids and liquid rich foods
5 Year Warranty
Packaging Visible When Delivered
The LEM MaxVac® Pro+ Chamber Vacuum Sealer packages virtually everything, from meat to fish to liquids. With chamber sealing technology, you'll be able to increase the shelf-life of your home-packaged perishables better than ever.

Quick Vacuum Sealing: Want to marinate meat in a sealed package? How about storing fish in a liquid immersion? Search no further because the LEM MaxVac® Pro+ makes quick work of all vacuum sealing needs.

Heavy Duty Power and Construction: A heavy-duty 1/4-horsepower oil pump stands up to prolonged and continuous use, while the stainless steel body and hinged lid-locking mechanism hold up to daily use for years.

Versatile: The LEM MaxVac® Pro+ Chamber Sealer works well for the daily user, seasonal meat processor, and even for sous vide applications! This commercial-grade chamber vacuum sealer handles large quantities of meat, game, vegetables, fish, casseroles, soups, or everyday leftovers.

Easy-to-Use: Design combines an adjustable bag-holding rack, dual sealing elements 3mm & 1mm on a 10 1/4" bar, and a clear, flat Lucite lid with a hinged, lid-locking mechanism so you can easily monitor the sealing as it happens. Digital controls to adjust vacuum pressure, seal time, and sealing temperature. Quick stop button that will stop the entire process.

Additional Features: Three customizable preset buttons programmed for Meat/fish, Liquid, and Dry food or can be overridden with different seal times.

Additional Accessories Included: Comes with extra rubber seal/gasket and heat bars, Allen wrench, Phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, and Teflon tape. Also includes 40- 6"x9" bags and 40 - 10"x13" chamber sealer bags.

Cleaning Instructions: The seal bar is easily removed for easy cleanup. Wipe with damp cloth or paper towel to remove surface debris. Avoid abrasive cleaners and metal scrubbing pads. Allow unit to air dry completely before closing lid.

Important Vacuum Packaging Tips
  • Use with vacuum sealer chamber pouches only.
  • Cover sharp bones or edges prior to vacuum sealing.
  • Allow foods and liquids to cool before vacuum sealing.
  • Avoid overfilling pouches. Leave a minimum of two to three inches of space between the contents and the open end of the pouch.
  • Prevent wrinkles from forming in the seal area.
  • Pouches can be frozen, boiled and microwaved. When microwaving, it is important to make a small cut in the pouch.
  • Some fruits and vegetables may release gases. When packaging these fruits and vegetables, it is best to blanch or freeze before vacuum packaging to prevent the gas release.
  • Soft cheeses, fresh mushrooms, garlic, and onions should never be vacuum packaged due to the risk of anaerobic bacteria.
Standard Time Settings for the LEM MaxVac® Pro+ Chamber Vacuum Sealer (Time in Seconds)
Meat/Fish Liquid Dry Food
Vacuum Time 38 48 37
Sealing Time 1.8 1.8 1.8
Cooling Time 2 2 2
Heat Bar Temp Level Med Med Med
  • Dimensions: 14.44" L x 19.18" W X 17.92" H
  • Size of chamber: 13 1/4" L x 16" W x 3 1/4" D
  • 10 ¼" Seal bar
  • Dual sealing bars 3mm & 1mm
  • 29.5Hg Pump
  • 560 Watts
  • Largest bag capacity: 15" L x 10" W
  • 80 storage bags: forty 6" x 9" and forty 10" x 13"
  • Cord length is 6 ft.
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Please Note: The MaxVac Pro+ Chamber Sealer may not work properly at elevations higher than 1600 feet.
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