Disposable Jerky Cannon Bags
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Disposable Jerky Cannon Bags

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Keep your hands and jerky cannon/gun clean
1 Year Warranty
Faster and cleaner. Pre-fill several bags and have them ready and waiting in the refrigerator for your jerky making session. Clean up time is practically eliminated. Includes 10 disposable bags. 2" diameter by 16" long. String tied at one end.

How to use:
  • Fill bags meat mixture directly from your grinder or stuffer
  • Clip end of the bag
  • Store in refrigerator until ready
  • Cut off the end of the bag to meat level
  • Insert meat filled bag into the barrel with the open end facing towards the nozzle
  • Assemble cannon
  • Ready to use
  • 10 Count
  • Works with LEM Jerky Cannon and Jerky Gun, and other brand jerky shooters
  • Approximately 2" diameter x 16" long
  • String tied at one end
  • Fill with Grinder Stuffing Tube or from Sausage Stuffer
  • Can also be filled by using a 1-3/4" stuffing tube or funnel