Backwoods® High-Temp Cheddar Cheese
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Backwoods® High-Temp Cheddar Cheese

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Ordinary cheese melts away, our High-Temp Cheese can take the heat!
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  • High Temp Cheddar Cheese - 1 lb.
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  • $10.99
  • Buy 5 or more for $9.99 each
  • High Temp Cheddar Cheese - 5 lbs.
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  • $49.99
Add cheese to your sausage and give it something extra. This 100% real cheese is specifically formulated to retain its shape and flavor up to 400° F. Pre-cut into 1/4" chunks. Just add to your meat in a one-to-ten ratio (1 lb. cheese to 10 lbs. of meat) after the second grind, stuff, and cook as usual. The cheese will last up to 6 months at 72° F. Refrigerate upon receipt. Do Not Freeze. Freezing may result in soft, gummy cheese.

Mix and Match: Buy five or more one-pound bags for $9.99 each.

Cheddar Cheese Ingredients: Shelf Stable Cheddar (Cultured Pasteurized milk, water, salt, sodium phosphate, natural flavoring, sorbic acid(preservative), added color, enzymes), corn starch and/or cellulose (to prevent caking), Natamycin(preservative). Contains: Milk.


All Seasonings, Casings, and Cheese are non-returnable. Please see our return policy here.
  • Chunk cheese
  • Cheese will stay in chunks up to 400 degrees
  • Will last up to 6 months at 72°F
  • Refrigerate to retain freshness
  • Do Not Freeze. Freezing may result in soft, gummy cheese.
  • Comes in 1 lb. or 5 lb. bags
  • Add about 10% cheese (1 lb. of cheese to 10 lbs. of meat)