Backwoods® Encapsulated Citric Acid - 3 oz. For 25 Pounds Of Meat
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Backwoods® Encapsulated Citric Acid - 3 oz. For 25 Pounds Of Meat

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Old fashioned tasting dry cured sausage with much shorter drying time!
Backwoods® - The Secret to UNFORGETTABLE Flavor!
What is it?
Backwoods® Encapsulated Citric Acid is citric acid with a hydrogenated cotton seed oil coating. The coating prevents the citric acid from releasing in the meat during mixing and stuffing. If released prematurely, the sausage will not hold together. Meat must reach 150°F for the acid to release and take its effect. Does not contain gluten or MSG.

Why should I use it?
Encapsulated Citric Acid makes cured sausage shelf stable by lowering the pH of the sausage. it makes drying time shorter and sausage firmer. It gives snack sticks, salami, and summer sausage that old fashioned dry sausage taste. Citric Acid gives a tangy flavor which can be masked by adding Trehalose, molasses or honey to the sausage.

How do I use it?
3 oz. for 25 lbs. of meat or 1 level teaspoon per pound of meat.

Directions for Use: DO NOT add Encapsulated Citric Acid during the first 3 steps.
  1. Grind all meat to its final grind. DO NOT grind the meat after adding Encapsulated Citric Acid.
  2. Mix meat with seasoning and water. DO NOT add Encapsulated Citric Acid.
  3. If the meat will be curing overnight. DO NOT add Encapsulated Citric Acid.
  4. Once the sausage is cured. Mix in Encapsulated Citric Acid, stuff and cook immediately!
  5. The internal temperature of the sausage must reach 150°F for the acid to release. We suggest cooking the sausage to an internal temperature of 165°F
  6. When optimum temperature is reach, cool sausage in an ice/water bath.
  7. Hang sausage in a well-ventilated area for a few days, possibly with a fan blowing to assist the drying of the sausage. It can also be dried in the refrigerator, uncovered, for a few weeks. This will firm up the sausage, and make it shelf stable.
  8. Sausage is now ready to eat!