Deer Processing Set I & II DVD
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Deer Processing Set I & II DVD

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Get the Set and SAVE!
Learn to Professionally Process Your Deer!
Learn how to process your deer from a hunter/meat cutter with 27 years of experience who has processed hundreds and hundreds of deer! Deer Processing 1: Field dressing and Skinning & Deer Processing II: Boning the Deer Carcass, at a great price. Take advantage of this great special! Makes a GREAT Gift!

Deer Processing I teaches the novice proper methods of field dressing and skinning. You will learn:
  • Why NOT to Split the Pelvis
  • How to Handle the Tarsal Glands
  • How to Protect the "True" Tenderloins
  • Important Facts About Hanging Your Deer
  • How to Properly Skin Your Buck For a Shoulder Mount

This DVD is used by many hunter's education teachers! 45 minutes.

Deer Processing II teaches the novice how to completely bone a deer into tasty cuts and explains the variety of cuts you can get from each piece. Save big $$$ on processing fees with this DVD! You will learn:
  • Dividing the Deer into Smaller Parts for Easier Handling
  • Custom Cutting Your Venison for Your Family's Needs
  • Eliminate the Wild, Gamey Taste of Venison - Forever
  • No More "Mystery Cuts" - You Will Produce Only the Finest Steads, Roasts and Chops, Just the Way You Like them
  • Freezing Wrapping Techniques

No more mystery cuts with this system - only the finest roasts, chops and steaks. 60 minutes.

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Deer Processing I:
  • Featuring: Our Founder, Larry Metz
  • 45 minutes
  • Copyright 1994 LEM Productions

Deer Processing II:
  • Featuring: Our Founder, Larry Metz
  • 60 minutes
  • Copyright 1994 LEM Productions