Counter Top Knife Sharpener
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Counter Top Knife Sharpener

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So simple you can use one handed!
1 Year Warranty
Designed to provide the perfect edge to any kitchen knife, yet small enough to be easily stored when not in use. The 20° sharpening wedge is ideal for all non-serrated straight knives, including pocket knives. Tiny enough to store virtually anywhere. Safe and simple one-handed operation is due to this sharpener's ability to suction to any flat surface.

  • Place the LEM Countertop Knife Sharpener on a clean smooth surface. Ideal surfaces include laminate, glass, marble, granite, and fiberglass surfaces.
  • Placing the LEM logo away from you, hold the sharpener down with one hand and press the suction lever down with the other hand to secure the sharpener to the surface.
  • Place the back edge of the knife into the sharpening track and pull toward you following the direction of the arrows on the top of the unit. Make sure to pull the knife completely out of the sharpener.
  • Continue this procedure 3-4 times until the knife is sharp. Do Not sharpen the blade by going in both directions.
  • Safe and simple
  • One-handed operation
  • 20° sharpening wedge
  • Suctions to any flat surface
  • Industrial construction