Cellulose Casings with Black Stripe
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Cellulose Casings with Black Stripe

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Perfect for Skinless Hot Dogs
  • Cellulose Casing with Black Stripe - 25mm
    SKU: 1413
  • $6.99
  • Cellulose Casing with Black Stripe - 31mm
    SKU: 1414
  • $7.99
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Cellulose casings are non- edible. They are used to make skinless sausage. Stuff the casing as normal, cook and remove casing immediately after cooling. Enjoy or freeze!

Use the 31mm size for skinless Brats or Hot Dogs; stuffs approximately 25 lbs. The 25mm size is great for breakfast sausage links; stuff approximately 21 lbs.

All Seasonings, Casings, and Cheese are non-returnable. Please see our return policy here.
Approximate stuffed weight:
31mm - 25 lbs.
25mm - 21 lbs.
MM to Inches Conversion Chart:

MM 25mm 31mm
Inches 1-3/16" 1-5/16"

* These are approximate numerical conversions.

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