Canning Jar SafeCrates™
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Canning Jar SafeCrates™

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Keep your canning jars safe, clean and organized!
1 Year Warranty
  • NEW Canning SafeCrate for Jelly Jars
    SKU: 1643
  • $18.99
  • Canning SafeCrate for Pint Jars
    SKU: 1160
  • $18.99
  • Canning SafeCrate for Quart Jars
    SKU: 1161
  • $19.99
  • NEW Canning SafeCrate 6-Pack for Pint Jars
    SKU: 1717
  • $12.99
  • NEW Canning SafeCrate 6-Pack for Quart Jars
    SKU: 1718
  • $16.99
Patent-pending SafeCrates™ keep jars secure and clean during storage and transport. Jars are nestled in individual cells so they don't touch one another, preventing breakage. The top and bottom snap shut to keep jars clean, and they can be used separately to safely carry jars to your pantry, basement, or car. The crates stack atop one another, with each SafeCrate sitting securely onto the one below so you can store more jars in less space. Sturdy, easy-to-clean polypropylene is translucent so you can easily find what you need.

Please Note: Both the pint and quart SafeCrate 6-packs stack securely atop one another; however, they do not stack securely with all 12-pack or 20-pack SafeCrates.

Choose from five convenient sizes:
  • Canning SafeCrate for Jelly Jars (holds 20 jars)
  • Canning SafeCrate for Pint Jars (holds 12 jars)
  • Canning SafeCrate Quart Jars (holds 12 jars)
  • Canning SafeCrate 6-pack for Quart Jars (holds 6 jars)
  • Canning SafeCrate 6-pack for Pint Jars (holds 6 jars)
Designed for you by Roots & Harvest, a family-owned company, to make creating from scratch a bit easier.
Jelly Jar SafeCrate:
  • Holds 20 Jelly Jars (8 or 12 oz.)
  • 19.56" x 14.65" x 5.86" high
Pint Jar SafeCrate:
  • Holds 12 Pint Jars
  • 18.5" x 13" x 5.62" high
Quart Jar SafeCrate:
  • Holds 12 Quart Jars
  • 20" x 14.5" x 7.75" high
Pint Jar 6-Pack
  • Holds 6 jars
  • 14.3" x 8.9" x 5.62" high
Quart Jar 6-Pack
  • Holds 6 jars
  • 15.5" x 10" x 7.75" high