Big Bite Juicer Attachment
*Actual product may vary slightly from picture.

Big Bite Juicer Attachment

SKU: 1227
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Use your Big Bite Grinder to juice fruits and more!
2 Year Warranty
Expand the possibilities of your Big Bite Grinder with the Big Bite Juicer Attachment. Easily make fresh juice, puree, baby food, tomato sauce, jam, or jelly without the hassle of peeling or seeding fruits or vegetables! Stainless steel head and screen for increased durability. The screen has a rubber plug and graduated holes to maximize juice extraction on the first pass. Juice will be extracted into one bowl, and the seeds and peels will be discarded into a separate bowl (please note: this unit will not grind chokecherries). Includes its own pan and stomper. Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.

*This unit will only attach to LEM Big Bite Stainless Steel Grinders made in 2009 or after; model numbers 1777, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782; may also attach to older LEM grinders models 777A, 779A, 780A, 781A, 782A, 777, 779, 780, 781, and 782.

Transform your attachment with the different screen attachments found directly below, ideal for making jams, salsas and other liquid applications.

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  • Durable stainless steel head and screen
  • Juice or strain tomatoes, fruits and veggies
  • Comes with its own pan and stomper
  • Includes 1 graduated straining screen for maximum juicing on the first pass
  • Will not juice chokecherries or other fruits with seeds or pits larger than 3mm (1/8")
  • Peels must be removed from citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges
  • View the 1227 Juicer Product Manual
Berry & Salsa Screens for Big Bite Juicer
*Actual product may vary slightly from picture.

Berry & Salsa Screens for Big Bite Juicer

SKU: 1256
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Make delicious jams and salsas with these screens!
1 Year Warranty
LEM's Berry and Salsa Screens for the Big Bite Juicer process tomatoes, berries and other fruits and vegetables all in one step, removing seeds and skin to make jam, salsa, purees and sauces.
  • Set of 2 Stainless Steel Screens
  • Berry Screen: 1/16" (1mm) holes
  • Salsa screen: 1/4" (6mm) holes
  • Only Works with LEM Big Bite Juicer Attachment (# 1227)
  • Maximum juice extraction on first pass

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Tom kritzman
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Big bite juicer & #5 grinder
Lem #5 grinder, it does all my grinding needs with ease. I recently added the Big Bit Juicer, I juiced 1 bushel of tomatoes, that is rinsing, quartering, and juicing in 2 hours time. Producing 25 quarts of juice, It will juice as fast as one can quarter and feed. I have a hand juicer similar to this product but there is no comparison. I have a meat cutting background and can say with confidence the # 5 grinder will fit most home needs, but if you grind a lot, bigger is faster! Lem grinders are built like a tank, the juicer is Fast and produces a lot of pulp. I also use Lem breakfast sausage seasoning, 1 Tablespoon seasoning per # more or less to your taste. mix and let sit overnight, patty and brown meat add a little water cover and lower heat for about 1/2 hr uncover bring heat back up brown and serve very good!
Barbara Rives
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Does not fit our LEM Model 780
We thought we would take a chance on this since the description said it MIGHT fit on the older models, unfortunately it does not fit our Model 780. The description should be changed to reflect this. We have been very happy with the grinder so we will be ordering one that this attachment will fit.
Jeff M
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This attachment is the best item I have bought to speed the process for making tomato juice. I have been using the old crank style for years. We process juice, salsa and pasta sauce. It has really helped get the job done in a timely manner. Thanks LEM / Need to find a auger that will let us use it for processing grapes with seeds ?
Denny O.
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I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the BIG BITE JUICER ATTACHMENT SKU: 1227 worked both easily / quickly after I attached it to a LEM 1/3 hp #8 Big Bite Grinder. Both of these are a great equipment adds in my small foot print of a processing kitchen in our basement. I did pass twice the discard bowl back into the feeder to extract just as much as possible of the 15 pounds of home grown tomatoes. It took no time at all to go through this total process! I remember my mother doing all of this by hand with her funnel shaped juicer from 60 years ago. The clean up for her may have been easer only because she only had the cone and masher to clean. The real difference is the ease of and the time that it takes to complete this task from a complete start (pull out the grinder and set it up) to finish (when everything washed dried and put back into their storage spot all covered back up). It was really very quick and easy. The real helper was in the cleanup by using a couple of the accessory brushes that I bought with the Big Bite Grinder. During my first use of this attachment, I made a homemade knock off version of V-8 that I found after searching various recipes on the net. Tomatoes that are picked, washed and cut to size that allow them to pass down the throat will work flawlessly. Tougher stems from spinach you might want to trim as that would be helpful, I did not try the beet stems. Onions, skins removed and carrots scrubbed only was No Problem. Bottom line is,,,,pleasantly surprised and pleased with my first try.
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Survivalists outdoors man
Too much plastic on screen stays, stopped up. Save your money; not happy at all. If you are only going to do 15 to 20 jars then it would probably be ok, but it took all day to do just 200 pounds of tomatoes.

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