BigBite® Patty Maker Attachment
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BigBite® Patty Maker Attachment

SKU: 693
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Hands-free patty making right from a BigBite Grinder!
Quickly and easily make uniform, perfectly formed patties with your BigBite® Grinder (or most other standard #8, #10/12, #22, and #32 electric grinders). As meat passes through the grinder head you can watch the patty well fill; when it's full, slide the tray over and the patty falls out while a second patty starts to form in the adjacent patty well. Includes two trays so you can make 4" diameter or 2½" diameter, slider-sized patties (both ¾" thick). Made from polypropylene, it's durable and easy to clean. Use LEM Freezer Sheets to keep frozen patties from sticking together.

Will Your Grinder Attachment Fit Your Grinder?

Will Your Grinder Attachment Fit Your Grinder?
* LEM 500 Series Grinders (offered between 2001 - 2005) are also compatible with these attachments.
  • FDA-approved ABS plastic
  • Two trays for 4" and 2½" patties
  • Includes tubes for #8, #12, #22 and #32 grinders
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Rack is 16" L x 12" W x 7.5" H
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