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This is your one-stop shop for LEM product information and insight on everything from product manuals and seasoning packaging to processing tips, videos and recipes.


Warranty Registration

All LEM products are warranted, except consumables and DVDs, for at least one year on both parts and labor. Make sure you register your warranty with LEM!

Helpful Videos

View the LEM video collection for product usage, helpful hints, assembly, disassembly, and much more.

Product Manuals

Product Manuals

Get the latest product support and/or instructional materials for any of LEM Products quickly and easily, 24 hours a day.

Backwoods® Packaging

Find Backwoods™ Seasoning nutritional information, ingredients, instructions, and even suggestions for use.

Processing Tips

Valuable meat processing tips from the Leader in Game Processing, including grinding, sausage and jerky making, burger presses, and meat smoking.

Safe Food Handling

Food safety is singularly the most important issue for the home processor. Below are the most useful Food Safety Fact Sheets published by the USDA. Learn and follow these procedures to ensure healthy processed meat at home.


Need inspiration? Browse our savory and delicious recipes, crafted for game.