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Vacuum sealers keep foods sealed and preserved in your freezer for up to two years. LEM offers the best vacuum sealers at great prices that will prevent freezer burn and loss of flavor. In 2013, we introduced a NEW & IMPROVED MaxVac Vacuum Sealer, a commercial grade unit designed for outdoorsmen and chefs everywhere. It's built like a tank, definitely not a toy! Plus, we offer vacuum sealers for use in the home as well as portable vacuum sealers for when you're on the go. Meat the New MaxVac - Introducing Our New Vacuum Sealer!

Our commercial grade vacuum sealers are perfect for sealing large quantities and are built to withstand daily use.

Smaller vacuum sealers (like the Vacmaster Pro or Foodsaver – Silver) work great in the home and can help you preserve practically any food item for up to two years. From vegetables to leftovers,fresh ground meat even fish, your food will be perfectly preserved while retaining all the original flavor.

Don't forget about our portable vacuum sealer which is great for hunting and camping trips. Need to keep your meat freshly sealed? Just use the portable vacuum sealer and then put your contents on ice. LEM's portable vacuum sealer comes with a starter kit including vacuum seal bags of varying sizes.

LEM vacuum sealers also work great for protecting valuable items from moisture. Camping, hunting or even just storing something under the deck, protect your valuables from the elements, seal it with a vacuum sealer from LEM.

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