Scratch & Dent Patty, Jerky and Snack Stick Press Paper
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Scratch & Dent Patty, Jerky and Snack Stick Press Paper

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Waxed paper
Sold As Is/No Warranty
Scratch & Dent Unit! All scratch and dent units are in working condition, but may have been returned or have slightly damaged packaging. These units have been thoroughly inspected by our Service Team and any damage has been deemed cosmetic damage, which means that this does not hinder the functionality in any way.
4 - 1/2" x 240' waxed paper replacement roll for use with the 3-in-1 Burger, Snack Stick & Jerky Attachment (Item #'s: 517, 517A, 517B, 517C and 517J).
  • Scratch & Dent Unit
  • Sold As Is/No Warranty
  • Extra waxed paper roll
  • Wax is only on one side
  • 4 - 1/2" x 240' for ground meat, patty, jerky & snack stick maker which fits Items # 517J (compatible with # 5 Big Bite Grinder), # 517 (compatible with # 8 Big Bite Grinder), # 517A (compatible with # 12 Big Bite Grinder), # 517B (compatible with the # 22 Big Bite Grinder) and # 517C (compatible with # 32 Big Bite Grinder)