MaxVac 1000 Vacuum Sealer
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MaxVac 1000 Vacuum Sealer

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10 hours of continuous use making 1000 seals without stopping
5 Year Warranty
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The LEM MaxVac® 1000 Vacuum Sealer comes standard with a roll material holder and cutter, with 8 in x 25 ft bag material, so your vacuum sealing is easier than ever before.

Powerful and Easy-to-Use: Extend the freshness and freezer life of your favorite foods with our powerful, easy to use, commercial grade vacuum sealer. Removes air and automatically seals for an amazing storage solution. Protect your meat, fish, vegetables or fruits from freezer burn and seal in the nutrients, all while lowering your grocery bill.

10 Hours of Continuous Use: A built-in continuous run cooling fan allows the LEM MaxVac® 1000 to keep sealing for 10 consecutive hours making 1000 seals without stopping or cooling down.

Hands-Free Design: With a manual vacuum control function and a weighted lid to engage, you can vacuum "hands-free" every cycle! It is perfect for at-home usage while still maintaining commercial-grade quality.

Durable Construction: Stainless steel construction means this unit is built to last and will blend in well with other kitchen appliances.

Customizable Bag Size: Includes a roll material holder and cutter to customize your bag size. Includes 8" x 25' roll of bag material. Material holder and cutter can be removed for standalone use.

Versatile: Reduce marinating time or keep valuables safe and dry. The uses are endless. The LEM MaxVac® sealer does not work with "chamber style" vacuum bags but is compatible with most national brand heat seal vacuum sealer bags.
  • Rear bag holder/cutter
  • Unprecedented 5 year warranty
  • Includes one roll of sealer bag material: 8" W x 25' L
  • Weighted lid with manual vacuum function
  • Auto or manual seal
  • Accepts bags up to 14" wide
  • Detachable 6' cord
  • Vented side panels
  • Auto sensor shuts off pump once full vacuum is achieved
  • Auto lid release
  • Rated for 10 hours of continuous use
  • Includes accessory port for external hose connection (hose sold separately)
  • 1/4" heat strip
  • View 1088B Product Manual
  • View MaxVac User & Troubleshooting Guide
How to Use and Attach:
  • Insert 2 baffles into the base of the holder, fitting to roll size.
  • With material coming off the bottom of the roll, feed material under the fixed rod and cutting bar.
  • Attached the MaxVac Roll Holder & Cutter to your MaxVac Vacuum Sealer
MaxVac Vacuum Sealer, the workhorse of sealers:

MaxVac Sealer Part 2:

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Daniel Crowe
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Pleased with my purchase
I am very happy with this product as I am with all of the LEM products, works great !
David wombacher
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Greatest thing ever
Work's great the only thing the autovac could run a little longer get a little more air out
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon

Love this machine it works great. The sealing heat tape is wide enough to make the seal with no sweat.
Ernest Szymkowiak Jr.
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New Sealer
Had an older Food Saver sealer but this year during deer season I kind of burn it up, second one I have killed. Been looking at the 500 and the 1,000 so I bought the 1,000. We buy bulk meat and any other meat we buy I repack it has been taking a long time to repack meat but it does save room in the freezer. We went to Fort Bragg to the commissary got back home it took no time to repack all the meat. Cannot wait till next deer season and also getting a cow and pig to raise. What fun the will be.
Camden Davis
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Finally a Heavy Duty Sealer - minor room for improvement
I will start by saying I have now processed two deer using the sealer and can confirm without a doubt it ran for over four hours without having to stop to cool down. This is why I paid the extra money and I expected no less. If you are an avid hunter or fisherman and need a sealer that can handle extended use periods then I can say look no further. It did work well with the large number of competitor bags. But I will say I will likely be purchasing the LEM bag material in the future as it feels thicker and may resist punctures better in the freezer. The unit is large, heavy, and requires a large work space. But once you get it setup and become familiar with its operation you can be very efficient in processing and sealing. Before I get into areas that could be improved let me say I did have some issues with the first unit I received. But LEM customer support was VERY good to work with and actually ended up sending me a replacement unit and I returned the original on an RMA. I was VERY happy to see LEM stand behind there product. Now for areas that could be improved most of which are cosmetic and at least thus far have not affected the operational efficiency of the unit. But they do detract from the "appearance" of a quality unit. 1. Control panel sticker on top of unit is not aligned. One side is 1/8" closer to front of unit than the other side. 2. Teflon tape covering sealer bar has wrinkles in it. I can see where the wrinkle is in the seal on the bag material but thus far it has not caused any issues. 3. Bag cutter - the blade puts a crimp or slightly cuts the edge of the bag at an angle. This is likely due to the design of how the blade engages the material and how tight the rail holds the bag material. The bag cutter and rail is made out of plastic and I can see wear on it just after few hours of use. I have experimented with different amounts of pressure applied in an effort to see how best to get the cutter to cut bags. 4. Bag holder - The holder/cutter is made out of plastic and slides down into a slot on the back of the unit. The design allows you to quickly attach/detach the holder to the main unit. But as mentioned the cutter could be better. Additionally there are two plastic plates that sit loosely in molded slots. The plates can be dislodged and/or fallout very easily. 5. Sealer door - make no mistake everything (except bag holder) on this unit is heavy duty. As such, the sealing door is not exception. The door has not "tension" or spring but stands straight up by itself when open. However, when you are trying to create the first seal to create a new bag it is very easy to start to close the door and if you don't have a good grip on it will drop down very quickly and hard. Creating the first seal when creating a new back takes some practice especially since the cutter can wrinkle the edge of the bag. You must hold the material over the sealer plate but NOT in the vacuum chamber, ensure it is straight, close the door with the other hand, apply slight pressure on the door top, and then press the seal button on the top. Again I do highly recommend the sealer simply because it has proven it can run for extended periods without having to stop to cool down. The areas I mention above are minor and mostly did not affect effectiveness of the unit but if addressed I would have given the unit 5 stars instead of 4.
Andrew Romba
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love it
So far the vac sealer works great. Only thing is I wish the auto cycle lasted a little longer on the vac side. The good thing is you can use the manual vac and get what ever results you want! Other than that its very fast and a nice seal
Dave Fennell
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Used immediately to package 170# of shrimp and 74# of venison. Performed flawlessly. Much much better than our Foodsaver.

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