Meat Processing Equipment Lubricant Spray
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Meat Processing Equipment Lubricant Spray

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NEW! Protect your equipment investment!
1 Year Warranty
Protect your equipment investment! Keep grinders, stuffers, and saws lubricated and in prime working order with LEM Meat Processing Equipment Lubricant Spray. It's made with 3H oils so you can lubricate before, during, and after equipment use. This silicone-free spray comes in an earth-friendly pump spray bottle.

Suggested Applications:
  • Apply a thin coating on all metal equipment parts prior to and during use as needed
  • Stuffers: Spray on cylinder, o-ring, and gasket prior to stuffing for easier cranking
  • Grinder: Spray on grinder plates and knives to eliminate "dry starts" and minimize wear
  • After cleaning equipment, spray metal parts to protect equipment during storage
  • 16 fl. oz. Premium 3H oils and premium additives
  • Plastic bottle, sprayer tube, and trigger
  • NSF approved for direct food contact; complies with FDA regulations
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight
  • Product of USA
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