Big Bite Motorized Sausage Stuffers
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Big Bite Motorized Sausage Stuffers

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New 10 lb Stuffer is perfect for smaller jobs
Easy, one-person sausage stuffing in half the time!
2 Year Warranty
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  • NEW Big Bite 10 lb. Motorized Stuffer
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  • Big Bite 20 lb. Motorized Stuffer
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  • Big Bite 30 lb. Motorized Stuffer
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Easy, one-person sausage stuffing in half the time! With the power, precision, and smart features of our Big Bite® Motorized Stuffers, making sausage is a rewarding, hassle-free, one-person job. The powerful motor pushes with more than a TON of force, while precision controls allow you to determine the flow and set the pace.

Speed control knob: Adjusts how fast the piston lowers so you can control the rate of flow into the casing -- especially important when making small sausages and snack sticks.

Foot switch: Frees up your hands for easy, one-person operation.

Auto-up and flow stop: When the piston reaches the bottom it automatically begins to rise. Also, when the stop button is pressed (or foot switch is released) the piston stops and then rises for a few seconds to release pressure and stop the flow of meat. Both features make stuffing easier.

Air release valve: Allows air to escape so casings fill evenly and smoothly, with fewer air pockets.

Removable cylinder: Ensures hassle-free refilling.

Includes: Four stuffing tubes to make nearly any size and type of sausage -- including snack sticks, and a crank handle for non-motorized use.

"Stuffing sausage used to be a two-person job, now I can do it alone!" -- Tim C, Sartell, MN

"Well worth the investment. Sure makes stuffing an easy chore, cuts work time in half. A little heavy but built like a tank." -- Al F, Palos Park, IL

Choose from three sizes, 10 lb., 20 lb., and 30 lb. (Size denotes the capacity of the cylinder --the larger the stuffer, the more sausages you can make without having to refill.) The 10 lb. size is perfect for smaller jobs and occasional use. The 20 and 30 lb. models are ideal for higher-production users.

Warning: Electric cord can expose you to chemical DEHP which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
  • Food-grade stainless steel body, base, and cylinder -- rustproof and durable
  • Food-grade plastic piston
  • Four stainless steel stuffer tubes: 1/2", 5/8", 1", 1-1/4" (outside diameter)
  • Three sizes: 10 lb., 20 lb., and 30 lb.* (*denotes approximate weight of meat the cylinder will hold)
10 lb. Stuffer:
  • Dimensions: 11-1/2" L x 7-1/2" W x 19-1/2" H
  • Weight: 28.75 lbs.
20 lb. Stuffer:
  • Dimensions: 13-1/2" L x 10-1/4" W x 25-3/4" H
  • Weight: 37.50 lbs.
30 lb. Stuffer:
  • Dimensions: 13-1/2" L x 10-1/4" W x 32" H
  • Weight: 49.99 lbs.
Motor Specifications
  • Precision steel gears in optimized gear ratio
  • 33 watts
  • .044 HP
  • 120v/60hz
  • Full load current: 0.8a
  • Rated speed: 50r/min
  • 60" power cord
  • Cord to foot switch: 76"
  • DC motor
  • ETL certified
View the Big Bite 10 lb. Motorized Stuffer Manual
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