Improved Big Bite Fixed Position Meat Mixer - 50 lb.
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Improved Big Bite Fixed Position Meat Mixer - 50 lb.

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NEW! No more hand cranking! Attaches to a Big Bite Grinder.
2 Year Warranty
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LEM's mixer features a stainless steel hopper that's easy to clean and is rust resistant. The gear box includes roller bearings to provide powerful torque for paddles thoroughly mix the meat. The meat tub detaches for easy cleaning. This fixed position Big Bite Stainless Steel Meat Mixers mixes large batches, small batches, or any size in between in just minutes. The 50 lb. mixer tub measures 13 1/2" L by 10 5/8" W by 14 1/8" H. This 50 lb. mixer works with Big Bite Grinders with a #12 head or larger. Motor NOT included. Includes clear, acrylic PMMa cover.

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Will Your Grinder Attachment Fit Your Grinder?

Will your grinder attachment fit your grinder?

*This unit will only attach to LEM Big Bite Stainless Steel Grinders made in 2009 or after; model numbers 1777, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782; may also attach to older LEM grinders models 777A, 779A, 780A, 781A, 782A, 777, 779, 780, 781, and 782.

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  • Attaches to any Big Bite Grinder with a #12 head or larger
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • 4 stainless steel mixing paddles
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust resistant
  • Includes clear, acrylic PMMa cover
  • Use with a .5HP motor or larger
  • 2-year warranty
  • Motor NOT included
  • Handle included
  • Tub Size: 13 1/2" L by 10 5/8" W by 14 1/8" H
  • View 1733 & 1734 Product Manual

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50lb Mixer, Faster But More Work To Consider
This meat mixer has some pros and cons I think one should consider. My grinder is a #12 I used with this mixer. Pros -- Can do 40lbs of meat at once. I will try 50 at some point, but 40 looked like the max to mix effectively. -- Mixer can be used as manual mixer too if needed. -- Speeds up large batches of meat to mix -- The mixing shaft/paddle moves nice and is easier to remove/install compared to the 20lb. -- Have a beverage while meat is being mixed. -- The speed is about perfect. It didn't churn or whip the product, but steadily worked it. Cons -- Didn't fit in my standard kitchen sink like the 20 lb manual mixer does. -- A bit clumsy to wash. -- Adjusting legs are very long and needed to much spinning on each leg to setup to grinder -- Doesn't look like an easy way to clean out the axle adjuster or connector shafts are mounted. Looks like items #4, #8, and #26 from diagram (left and right end points of the paddle) in the manual needs tools to disassemble of meat or water gets in there. Overall it seems like a good mixer to speed up hi volume of meat mixing. It doesn't feel cheaply made but doesn't way a ton either. If you are going to mix 10-60lbs max of meat, I think the 20lb manual mixer is smarter. When you start getting into 80lbs like I have and higher this will definitely save you time. I once did 300+ pounds with the 20lb and we were there all day and wish I would have had this mixer back then. Also, I purposely didn't get the tilt mixer partially due to the extra cost and moving parts, but mainly other than providing a courtesy angle to get the meat out, sausage gets tacky and I don't see it just falling out if bin is tilted. I'm taller, maybe the tilt would be better for shorter people or if your meat product is more wet. Overall great value for the money. Hope this helps you considering this product!

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