Ben's Sweet & Hot Mustard
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Ben's Sweet & Hot Mustard

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It's sweet with just a little heat! Yum!
  • Ben's Sweet & Hot Mustard 8 oz. Jar
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  • Ben's Sweet & Hot Mustard 16 oz. Jar
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Ben's Mustard is great on brats, of course! Try it on your lunch meat sandwich or hot pretzels or use it in deviled eggs. It is sweet with just a little heat! Made right here in Ohio. Available in 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.

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Mark H Russell
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Ben's Hot and Spicy Mustard
One of the best mustard I've eaten. Not too hot or spicy. Just the right combination of sweet and spice. Very smooth not gritty.
Jean Mason
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Packaging STINKS!
I love the products, but the way they were shipped broke my heart, and also four jars of the mustard I ordered! I ordered twelve of the regular Ben's sweet and hot mustard, and two of the new jalapeno flavored kind. They shipped out right away, but when I opened the container, there was mustard all over and broken jars. I lost three big ones and one of the little ones. I couldn't believe the way they came. While the jars are wrapped in bubble wrap, they needed to be separated with dividers, and stacked, not just laid in the box on top of each other. The box has fragile stickers all over it, but that doesn't mean anything in a shipper's eyes. I haven't reached out to customer service yet because I just discovered this issue on Christmas Eve. I will call customer service tomorrow. I rate the actual products very highly, but they have got to come up with a much better method of shipping.

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