Jerky Cannon Barrel Brush
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Jerky Cannon Barrel Brush

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Get the barrel of your Jerky Cannon clean
1 Year Warranty
This long and large bottlebrush easily cleans the inside of a thermos, glass, Kombucha bottle, carafes, decanter, and other brewing or narrow neck bottles.

Stiff Nylon Bristles: The stiff nylon bristles will easily clean inside your bottles.

Wide Bristles: 2' wide bristles on this bottle brush are perfect for scrubbing away tough buildup in Kombucha jugs or wine bottles.

Flexible Handle: The handle is flexible and 12' long making it great for cleaning all sides of the bottle with less effort.

Fits Narrow Neck Openings: Fits 1 1/4" openings.

Designed for you by Roots & Harvest, a family-owned company, to make creating from scratch a bit easier.
  • 2" diameter bristles
  • 12" long handle
  • Use to clean the Jerky Cannon barrel or Jerky Gun barrel

How to Make Jerky Using the LEM Original Jerky Cannon:

How to Clean the LEM Original Jerky Cannon: