Processing Essentials

Processing Essentials

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  • Gambrel
    A beast of a butcher's frame - holds up to 500 pounds!
  • LEM Freezer Sheets - 6" x 10-3/4"
    Prevent Meat From Sticking Together
  • Tape Dispenser With Tape
    A dependable butcher's tape dispenser for quick and easy sealing.
  • Poly Bag Tape Machine
    UNTIL 10-30-2020
  • LEM General Duty Meat Lug
    A meat processing and harvesting essential!
  • Drain Meat Lug
    Ideal for thawing, washing , prepping, marinating & transporting food!
  • Grinder Plate and Knife Extractor
    UNTIL 11-13-2020
  • LEM Heavy Duty Meat Lug
    Won't crack, split or warp!
  • LEM Reinforced Meat Lug Cover
    Conveniently cover, store and stack your lugs!
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Butcher Apron
    Durable, Waterproof Apron for any project
  • The LEM Skinner
    UNTIL 11- 1-2020
  • The Field Dresser
    LEM EXCLUSIVE! Designed by a Hunter for Hunters!
  • LEM Economy Meat Lug
    Fits under our Big Bite Grinders!
  • Grinder Cleaning Kit
    Now with 10 brushes!

    * Restricted Shipping
  • Grinder Foot Switch
    Customer favorite! Grind hands-free with ease!
  • Counter Top Knife Sharpener
    So simple you can use one handed!
  • Cutting Boards
    Commercial quality USDA & FDA approved cutting boards!
  • Meat Hand Saws
    Process your Meat with Ease. Choose from 3 sizes!
  • Latex Gloves
    Keep your hands clean during grinding and stuffing with latex gloves!
  • Hog Rings And Pliers
    Close sausage casings and meat bags securely!

    Buy separately or buy together and SAVE!
  • Wild Game Meat Bags
    CUSTOMER FAVORITE! Guard against freezer burn!
    Buy four 25 count Bags (100 total bags) and get a discount!
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The hunting experience doesn't come full circle until you enjoy your harvest on the dinner table with family and friends. You can depend on professional butchers to process your meat OR you can save a bunch of money and do it yourself. It only takes a small investment to get into the game of processing at home and quality supplies will keep you processing for years to come. You won't go wrong with LEM - our processing essentials are a cut above the rest.

To get started, you really need a meat grinder, a good field knife and storage materials for your meat. We've included all of our processing must haves for you here - because while these aren't essentials, they will make your job easier!

Get processing today - you'll be glad you did!