Why LEM?

We believe home processing to be a deeply rewarding experience and an essential part of the outdoor experience. We hope you will join us in the fun!

Big Bite Grinder Technology
What makes Big Bite Grinders so special?

MaxVac Vacuum Sealers
View MaxVac in action... It's built like a tank, not a toy!

Backwoods Seasoning
What makes Backwoods® Seasonings so exceptional?

All About Sausage
How to make sausage at home & 5 reasons to...

Casing Information
Everything you need to know about LEM Sausage Casings

Make Jerky LEM Style
Make jerky the way YOU like it at home!

The Art of Dehydrating
The best food drying technology you can buy.

Get In The Game
Need convincing? Here are 5 good reasons to get started!

Speak the Game
Find all the butcher jargon and processing equipment knowledge you need to know.

Processing Makes Cents
The price of butchering a deer ranges from $75 - $100...