# 5 Grinder Knives
# 5 Grinder Knives
# 5 Grinder Knives

# 5 Grinder Knives

Item #: 5_GR_KNIFE
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LEM grinder knives outstrip the competition.
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  • # 5 Carbon Steel Grinder Knife
  • 464
  • $7.49
  • # 5 Stainless Steel Grinder Knife
    The expected arrival date for this product is 5/29/2015.
  • 464SS
  • $9.99
  • # 5 Premium Salvinox Stainless Steel Grinder Knife
  • 464SS-SAL
  • $13.99
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Our grinder knives are made to LEM's stringent standards for hardness and quality. We carry both carbon steel and stainless steel knives. Remember when changing your knife to change the plate at the same time for optimum performance.

Bump up your performance...get a premium plate!

What are my choices and what's the difference?

  • Carbon Steel: A good option forged of Carbon Steel.
  • Stainless Steel: A better option than Carbon, as Stainless Steel is a stronger material than Carbon.
  • ***Premium Salvinox Stainless Steel: The best option. Premium Stainless Steel is made of a higher grade of Stainless Steel, plus these knives are slightly thicker than the others, providing you with a longer life of use.

*** Note: The Premium Stainless Knife # 464SS-SAL may have trouble fitting the auger stud of the # 777 LEM Grinder. If it is too tight of a fit, you can lightly file down your auger stud and/or the square opening of the grinder knife and then it will fit and work properly.
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